Stories of Two Fairies - Hurin & Durra
Adorable, Sweet and Brilliant Fairies
By: zehan karim

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Tuesday, 1-Dec-2009 14:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Fly, fly, fly butterfly....

we are here
with my sweet butterfly...
all of us
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Fly fly fly butterfly, in the meadow fying high, in the garden flying low, fly fly fly girls favorite rythme..First time we were here in Taman Rama-Rama KL was in June 2007. Kak Ein is only 1year and 5mths and now we are here again with her sister Durra NurJannah and her cousins - Kak Ngah, Kak Yang and Ikram.

My girls are so cute wearing their wings mcm butterfly;o)))

Wednesday, 3-Jun-2009 14:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Escape to Langkawi, fun under sun...yeahaaa!!!

Langkawi here we come!!!
Dalam ERL
Posing sementara tunggu ERL sampai
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I managed to escape from my tight schedule and spent 3 fun under sun days in Langkawi. We went to Langkawi on 3rd June by taking the last flight. We reached Langkawi at 9pm and Hj. Nasarudin da siap menunggu kami kt airport. We always used his car rental service if we went to Langkawi. We managed to get normal price eventhough it was school holiday period. We stayed at BNM's resort and Sri Kijang located at Pantai Chenang. Kamarul had meeting with LADA in the morning of 4th June (birthday mak), so three of us spent our morning in the pool.

On 5th June, we spent our day at Langkawi ecopark, taking cable car ride then jungle tracking to 'jambatan tergantung', perghh gile tired sb kena dukung Durra naik tangga. Turun jer dr cable car, gi ke taman rusa, arnab and naik gajah. Eppy betul Kak Ein dan Adik Durra walaupun penat sgt

Sunday, 26-Apr-2009 04:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Holiday to Cameron Highlands

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Kamarul has been assigned a new project at Cameron Highlands, to design landscape for Rumah Rehat Persekutuan. We took this opportunity to bring our girls for holiday as well since they provided accommodation at that bisg house which Kak Ein called it rumah princess coz the chandeliar cost i think almost a million or more. Actually the house for minister to Agung level but we're so lucky to stay at that house. We have extended our invitation to all our family members but only one taker, Acut and his family, eventhough he just landed from Mainland China.

We enjoyed our stay there because the weather not so cold, just nice. Every evening we went to Pasar Malam at Brinchang and before we went back we went to ladang strawberry to pick the strawberry. It so fresh and Kak Ein enjoys picking the strawberry and end up tp buy 9 boxes!

Saturday, 28-Mar-2009 03:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Zoo Trip..Menyusuri jalan-jalan memori

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One of my dating places was zoo, kelakarkan tp inila realiti. bila ingat2kan kembali mmg kelakar but it something interesting, appreciate the nature. After almost ten years, I went back to this place, again with same man but now he is my husband and bring along our two adorable girls. Now, zoo has changed, not the same place that I visited before but now it has transformed to meet the international standard, not there yet but on the way.

Animals are still limited but services in the zoo has been improved with cost. All services have price including photo session with ponny and snake! Nevertheless, my girls luv me whatever it cost, it worth it!

Late in afternoon its started to rain, hence we have to cut short the trip and went to other place that have a lot of my memories, nak tau di mana? hehehhe...jusco wangsamaju;o) tula shopping complex yg terdekat dgn my campus

Monday, 16-Mar-2009 08:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Birthday Bash Hurin Humairah and Durra NurJannah

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Durra NurJannah is one year old on 14 February 2009, she is so special not because she's born on Valentine Day but because she is a survivor. For those who know about my experience before would know what is it all about. For those who are intrested to know can check on my previous entry before.

We combined Hurin and Durra birthdays in one celebration on 14 Feb which falls on Saturday.

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